For Better Health, Watch Your Words

Words mean something to each of us based on our experiences. That includes the words we say — to ourselves and others — about the choices we make for our health. Being a woman, I am well acquainted with what a woman’s self-talk about her body and health sound like… it’s not good. I suspect men generally put their health and weight into the compartment of the brain labeled That Which Shall Not be Thought Of with Astrophysics and Miley Cyrus. Something you may want to consider, though, is how you talk (out loud) about your food choices.

When presented with the office birthday cake that, let’s be honest, really tastes like Crisco on a sponge, instead of saying, “Oh, I can’t eat that. I’m on a diet,” phrase it to show that you are making your own choices. “I don’t eat that,” represents you being in charge of your own body, your own health — and you are! And you are the one choosing not to eat that at that moment because you have taken charge of your health. That sounds better and feels better, doesn’t it? Words have weight. Words have meaning. Speak strong words about the way you take care of your body!

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