Shifting Gears

So the blog has been dormant for literally years. <blush>

And so much life has happened. So much life.

With life comes change, and the blog will be taking a new direction.

Instead of a dietetics student, I am now a middle school math teacher.

My blog (primarily) won’t be an education blog. There are plenty of those and I may occasionally feel called to share some great insight or idea from my classroom.

But I still feel passionate about nutrition. Not just passionate, but it is a crucial part of migraine management for me. So how does a middle school math teacher focus on nutrition? How does she make it work in real life?

THAT is my plan for the focus of this blog.

I have found that I’ve been at this long enough that I have a few tricks up my sleeve to make healthy eating work. It’s an ongoing process. I learn more every week and many weeks I learn from doing it wrong.

Let’s figure this healthy eating out together.

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